There are three types of results that we report from our tests: non-reactive, invalid or inconclusive, or reactive.

A non-reactive result means that no indications of the infection or virus you tested for were found in your sample. A non-reactive test can be called a negative test.

It does not necessarily mean that you are immune in the future – only that the test did not show any indication of the virus or infection in your body at the time of the test. We recommend regular testing wherever appropriate.

An invalid or inconclusive result means that the test did not work properly and it will have to be repeated. We will contact you via text message to let you know your result has been inconclusive, and suggest how you should get in touch for further information.

A reactive result suggests that indicators of the presence of a virus or infection were found in your sample. A reactive result needs to be confirmed with several confirmatory tests in a clinical setting before a positive diagnosis can be made.

In the case of a negative or inconclusive reading, your results will be sen to you via text message within ten working days; however in most cases they are available much sooner and you will receive a text as soon as they are ready. In the case of a reactive result, you will usually be contacted by phone.