TakeATestUK will pass your name and address details to our logistics supplier MedDX within an encrypted file so that they can send a testing kit to you. We will not send them any further personal information and they will not pass your name and address on to any other 3rd party.MedDX will notify TakeATestUK when they dispatch your envelope. They will not keep your details once the address label has been printed and the request form has been inserted into your pack.

The personal information you provide us when requesting the form will be transmitted via a secure SSL web portal into the NHS N3 network. The data will be kept in a secure database hosted on our own server.

We will use these details to convey negative results to you by text and contact you if your results require further explanation or action, for example in the case of a reactive (‘positive’) result, an inconclusive result or an invalid result.

We may contact you to ensure you have been able to access the after-care you need following your test results or whether you wish to be tested for other infections as these become available. We will never contact you purely for marketing purposes.

Once you have had your results you can simply opt out of any further communication with TakeATestUK by sending an email to our DPO at scott@lighthouseig.com