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Who We Are


 savinglivesuk-logo Saving Lives manages and co-ordinates every aspect of TakeATestUK to ensure a clinically excellent, seamless and convenient service. It is a UK-based charity dedicated to raising awareness about testing for HIV, sexually transmitted infections and other blood-borne viruses (BBVs) including the hepatitis B and C viruses. Its health promotion work has enabled clinics across the country to run high-impact awareness-raising campaigns, and gained national media attention for HIV testing and associated issues.
phe-logo Public Health England offers a gold-standard service and analyses every sample we receive. Their laboratory is the national centre for HIV tests, and carries out thousands of other tests every year, too. It is accredited with the United Kingdom Accreditation Service to UKAS ISO15189:2012 standards. Their laboratories boast state-of-the-art, modern, automated pathology technology and analysers. The service has a reputation for high quality accurate diagnostic tests.
bham-heartlands-infection-logos-04 Birmingham Heartlands HIV Service provides our patient management and health advice function via a full Service Level Agreement with Saving Lives. It is one of the largest HIV treatment centres in the country and is part of the Heart of England NHS Foundation Trust. Its staff are dedicated to the diagnosis, treatment and ongoing management of patients. The Service provides extensive clinical services to a large patient population. The experience and expertise of its staff are nationally and internationally acknowledged. The team pride themselves on providing high excellent holistic patient care.
meddxlogo MedDX Solutions provide and distribute our testing kits. With 15 years of specialist experience, the MedDX team supplies the very best devices on the market, and assembles our kits for us to ensure the best possible combination of diagnostics for the information you provide. MedDX works across both the public and private healthcare sectors, including supplying kits for health screening programmes and clinical trials.
IDC-logo Industrial Data Capture build, maintain and continually improve the information technology which powers our service. Established more than twenty years ago, Industrial Data Capture (IDC) provides database products, consultancy and support services to organisations in the healthcare sector. They are dedicated to achieving total confidentiality, and adhere tightly to the same rules and regulations as the NHS.