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Top Tips For Taking Your Sample


Taking our tests is easy. We include simple,  easy instructions with each kit. Some of testing kits include swabs, which are a bit like a cotton bud and can be used to collect samples from various parts of the body.

You may also need to collect a blood samples for HIV or Hepatitis B and C. Some people fine these samples in particular tricky to get right.

If you don’t take your blood sample correctly, our lab may be unable to get a clear results for you. We’ll send you a message if this happens, but there are some simple ways to avoid it.

Top tips for getting a good sample

1. Watch our video!
2. Drink a litre of water thirty minutes before you try to take a sample.
3. Immerse your hands in warm water for 5 mins before you take the sample.
4. Swing your arms around in big arcs, to force the blood to your fingers.
5. Definitely do the test standing up!
If you have any questions before taking your sample, simply drop us a line for help.