Hepatitis B and C are viral infections which cause damage to the liver.  It can be transmitted through sexual contact, but also through contaminated injecting equipment, and sometimes medical procedures abroad.  Some parts of the world have higher rates of these infections in the local population.  If left untreated, it could lead to liver failure and liver cancers.  It may not cause any symptoms initially.  Treatments for these viruses are very effective.

We provide a range of STI testing kits for men choose from one below or let our clinical team make a recommendation for you.

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The Saving Lives Hepatitis (Dried Blood Spot) Kit

This kit will test you for HIV but in addition it will test for the Hepatitis B and C viruses. This is done using a finger prick blood sample but instead of a “mini-tube” the blood is absorbed and dried onto specialised collection paper. The advantage is that it requires a smaller amount of blood, and the dried sample remains stable for over a week.  If you come from a country where Hepatitis B and C are common you should get tested for these treatable viruses.

Price: £72.99

Just Add a Viral Hepatitis Kit

This kit will test for the infections Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C using a finger prick blood sample. You have the option to add this kit to any of our STI kits at an additional cost of £48 just before you pay for your selected kit.

About The Tests

Not everyone routinely tests for Hepatitis B & C, but if you wish these tests can be added to any of our existing test kits. These tests require a small sample of blood, and are recommended for people:

  • From an area with a high prevalence of Hepatitis B & C;
  • Who have injected drugs or shared needles and other injecting equipment;
  • Who have had a blood transfusion or medical care abroad;
  • Who have had unprotected sex with a high number of sexual partners.

All of our samples are tested in the laboratories run by Public Health England (PHE) in Birmingham. These laboratories have passed the very highest accreditation standards (CPA ISO 15189:2012), so you can be confident of the test results you receive.